Radboud University offers access to study or work places on campus with IoT

How to increase student satisfaction and improve utilization of study or work spaces by optimally
distributing students across the campus .

Learn how IoT can support university facilities to:

  • Get real-time insights into the availability of study workspaces
  • Increase student satisfaction
  • Be prepared for crowd control

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The Challenge: More visibility on the available study workplaces for everyone on campus

There are more than enough study workplaces, but the available workspaces are not easy for students to find. Radboud University wants to show students where study workplaces are available and distribute students efficiently on campus

The Solution: SWYCS linked Mazemap and IoT platform to Planon FMIS system.

Providing insight into the locations and availability of the various study workplaces in the university library by using sensor data and the SWYCS internet of things platform

The Results: The university now has real-time reliable
insights into the desired data

There is now automated real-time insights into the number of people in a room and the available study workplaces. The initial reactions from students are very positive. They can now easily find available study workplaces in the app on a map.

Marloes Hermsen

“We have very short lines of communication with SWYCS. They have been very flexible. No standard product is implemented that cannot be integrated into our environment. We greatly appreciated this flexibility, being open to customization, in line with our security standard, and thinking along with each other.


Marloes Hermsen, Information Manager

Download case study