Parnassia optimizes occupancy rate of care locations with IoT solution

How to increase employee satisfaction and still save costs through efficient use of buildings

Learn how IoT can support healthcare facilities:

  • Get real-time insight in the availability of treatment rooms
  • Save costs by optimizing the occupancy rate with over 30%
  • Increase employee satisfaction by instant availability of working space

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The Challenge: A great shortage of workplaces and yet vacant ?!

‘Monitor space occupancy of locations and working space in real time’, that was the challenge mental healthcare group Parnassia presented to SWYCS, a leading internet-of-things platform. To improve employee satisfaction about availability of treatment rooms while optimizing the occupancy rate, Parnassia implemented their sensor data solution.

The Solution: Real-time insight into the availability of spaces for users
Fully equip buildings with sensors for real-time monitoring of building and space occupancy from one central dashboard.
The Results: Towards a cost-effective real estate solution with satisfied users
Download this case study to learn how implementation of sensor data can support use cases like building and space occupancy rate and crowd control, air quality improvement and energy savings.

”Together with SWYCS, we have implemented a great instrument to reduce the costs of our building even further. We now have a comprehensive, factual system, in which there is a direct view of treatment rooms available. Our care colleagues have been given a handle as a result.”

Serge Mulders

Download case study